Chinese American Bible Church 華 美 聖 經 教 會

At CABC, we are deeply committed and passionate about sharing the love of Christ to all people. It is a place to fellowship with believers and strengthen relationships with God. Searching for answers? You will find that God can meet your deepest needs, provide true joy, and give purpose to life. Please take the time to visit. We are ready to welcome you - just as you are.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to faithfully carry out the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ to disciple, baptize and teach the Word of God to the people around us to the end of the world.

我們忠心的實行主耶穌的大使命, 就是使我們身旁的人作主的門徒, 給他們施浸, 對他們教導神的話語, 直到世界的末了.