Chinese American Bible Church 華 美 聖 經 教 會

At CABC, we are deeply committed and passionate about sharing the love of Christ to all people. It is a place to fellowship with believers and strengthen relationships with God. Searching for answers? You will find that God can meet your deepest needs, provide true joy, and give purpose to life. Please take the time to visit. We are ready to welcome you - just as you are.

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Bible Gateway
Bible Gateway 和合本

Devotion Resources

RBC Ministries
Our Daily Bread
Our Daily Bread - Chinese Version 靈命日糧
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Other Organizations

Chinese Christian Herald Crusades 角聲佈道團
The Gospel Herald 基督日報
Ambassadors For Christ 基督使者協會
Voice of the Martyrs
Chinese Christian Mission 中信
Far East Broadcasting Company 遠東廣播